lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

- Breathing

If we want to star to connect with our spiritual being, its basic to learn how to concentrate and breathing is the key. This is the reason I start in this point. Breathing is something innate and automatic but you need to know that controlling breathing you can get great things and advances in your life.

First of all, don't breath through your mouth, breath always through your nose. Nose breathing is the only way to breath properly. Mouth breathing is a Western practice but is not very wealthy, even dangerous to us. Nose doesn't let impurities enter our body, using a natural hair filter and healing too cold air. The smell can also advise us from venom or dangerous smokes. Try to practice nose breathing whenever you can.

There are three basic breathing exercises we can practice to breath better, oxigen our body and feeling ourselves: Upper-breathing, Mid-breathing and abdominal breathing. Practise the three of them together is called complete breathing and it helps us to concéntrate.

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