lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Magick and meditation

Happy Sunday and blessings
Meditation is related with mysticism although maybe you have never imagined it. Meditation is not only related to Budha, lotus posture or mantra "Ohm". It's not only sit down and empty your mind, in fact is not even necessary being sat.

We are more than a body, but a perfect cosmic physical creation and also an incredible mind and soul that trespass physical body barriers. You can believe in this or not, but this is real. Our mind is poorly used nowadays because it is not connected to body and remains null in lots of cases. Because mind is not only the restless thinking all day in our head, but also a powerful gadget for getting our purposes if we know how to use it, of course.

You need nothing but be with yourself, find yourself and little by little reach higher goals. Firs of all, you should learn to breath properly and do it whenever you remember. Next the hardest work: keep your mind quiet that firstly would seem impossible but progressively you'll realise you can handle it.

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