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Tarot - Beggining

The image most of us have of the Tarot Cards is awful. Until I enter a little bit more in magic studies and saw that Tarot is included in every book, didn't I start to pay attention to it.
The image I had regarding Tarot was the most tipical fortune-tellers on TV programmes making a fool of themselves, so I wasn't interested in it at all. Please, Don't pay attention to who discredit this art, only focus in what there is behind it...
Tarot are 78 cards, 22 Mayor Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana and it has vague origin. First Tarot Cards we know date from XV century, but then it was already considered as ancient. Gypsies have handle Tarot for centuries and this is why it is well known. There are lots of diferent Tarot Cards like Egiptian, Gypsy, Spanish, Angel Tarot...

Mayor Arcana are the basis of Tarot interpretation, but you can also use Minor Arcana without any problem, even if they aren't Tarot Cards. Mayor Arcana are these:

0- The Fool
I- The Magician
II- The Hight Priestess
III- The Empress
IV- The Emperor
V- The Hierophant
VI- The Lovers
VII- The Chariot
VIII- Strength
IX- The Hermit
X- Wheel of Fortune
XI- Justice
XII- The Hanged Man
XIII- Death
XIV- Temperance
XV- The Devil
XVI- The Tower
XVII- The Star
XVIII- The Moon
XIX- The Sun
XX- Judgement
XXI- The World

You can find diferences in numbers like the exchange between Strength and Justice or diferences in names like The Universe instead of The World.

More in the next post.

Blessed Be

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