lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Universe and Religion

Almost everyone of every culture or religion knows about the existence of the Universe and its basic energies that move and influence us in every aspect of life. Most of the Universe is a complete mistery for human being, we don't even know a little part of its secrets but it seems to us soooo huge!

Maybe you have thought about life in other planets, in my opinion is very likable there is any way of life in any other Galaxy. Maybe the miracle of life exists in other planets with the same or better conditions than this. We know that in our solar system there are no more habitable planets nor any kind of life in them, but it is probable there are more moons and suns in other galaxies that make other places suitable to life. I wish we could know them, but nowadays we only can imagine it. Personally I don't like to talk about martians, UFO's or things like that and that's also a controversial topic. I need to be honest. Since I was a child I had been interested in magic, witchcraft, witches and everything related to it. Now I have discovered lots of magic-related topics and I'm now studying them. Witchcraft and spirits have been presented in different movies form different points of view, but generally they have always been considered as something dark, dangerous. Now is the time to clear up and throw away all the lies around them. Most of things we know about them are surely false, invented by religious people, politics or simply by writers.
Witchcraft is commonly represented in old ugly women, black cats, cauldrons... and we also know lots of women were burned in the old days accused of witchcraft, as the Catholic Church always tried to make other religions disappear. Yes, we can call witchcraft a religion, because it is. But it is not the dark part we know, it is the ancient religion that dates back to first human beings on Earth. This religion I speak about is the one practiced by our ancestors, all of them, but it was decreasing as new religions appeared to control people and make them act like they "should" do it. It is based on universal energies that converge on us and on everything natural around us, it doesn't know about sins, demons, hell, impurity or chastity. Human being lived in harmony with Earth, Nature and everything around them because they know they can live thanks to it. The Old Gods were worshiped by humans thousands and thousands of years to thank them for things given.
Paganism is its name, and it has never forbidden or force people, it is a free religion and it is the oldest one.It is only based on pacific existence between humans, nature, universe and the energies around them.
This topic will be in many other posts, so be alert if you are interested in it.
Blessed be.

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