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What is a witch?

What is a witch?

I first tell you what is not a witch. A witch do not have to be old or ugly, she is not a bad person (although it could be people who use it for dark purposes) and she does not need to live alone in the forest. She is not either a teenager with supernatural powers to move things without touching. We have all seen Sabrina or other witches and we have imagine ourselves flying or making people doing what you want. You have to know that witches do not do these things.
A witch does not do human or animal sacrifices, she does not adore the devil because she is not catholic.

A witch can be any woman connected with the earth, universe, nature and the energies moving restless. She is someone who uses her inner power, intuition and energy to do the best for herself and the others. She has a supreme rule: "DO WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU DO NOT HURT ANYBODY". A witch uses a cooking pot as a simbol and to prevent caught her house fire. She uses candles, plants, rocks... Anything earth gives us without suffer to move universal energies to reach a purpose.

A witch can wear what she want, have lots of friends and live a perfectly normal life, but she would always enjoy loneliness, a stroll through the forest, hugging a tree or listening to the sea because these thing connect her with who she really is. All of us are part of the earth, but we do not owe it.

A witch can adore old gods o not, she is free to do whatever she feels. She practices her religion alone or in group, without getting new people. The things she does wrong, she knows are going to come back, in this life or another.

She believes in reincarnation, in soul and universal energies that control everything. She knows the worth of the air she breaths, the sun, the rain, every natural, spiritual, profound thing.

She uses what is given to all of us to transform energy for her purposes, using magic to make a better world. She wants balance for everything and everyone.

Of course, this is not only for women. Spitirual men are not banned.

Is this the image you had of witches? Probably not. I hope you give me your opinions.

Blessed be

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